To err is human

Let’s sneak into corners

and hold hands in the dark.

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The End

Amongst the wreckage

we’ll probably find

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A love letter

This time last year

it was sunny and

I was making my way home

in a short dress and

Agent Provocateur underwear.

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Piccadilly line commuters will curse her for at least the next two hours.

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to B, with love

I’ll still be here

to hold you up when you’re swaying

to roll alongside you out of bars

to smoke secret cigarettes

to make you laugh

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No, thanks.

I’m drowning in

overpriced cocktails and

the hotel pillows are


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On Being Moody

I’ll ignore WhatsApp and not answer the phone

despite it

being you

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Can cause addiction. For three days’ use only.

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don’t wake me up –

let me finish this dream.

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