reasons to stay alive*

remember when

I threw up so much you had to pick my vomit out of the sink

(and you were fine with that)


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Elephant and Castle (a modern fairy tale)

The young prince dreamed of rescuing a princess. He knew it would happen eventually – handsome princes ALWAYS rescued a beautiful princess eventually – but he was getting bit bored waiting for it to happen.

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I may be your best friend

but you’re not mine

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over drinking

under eating

over compensating

over talking

over sharing

over familiar

over it all


There go the girls.

To err is human

Let’s sneak into corners

and hold hands in the dark.

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The End

Amongst the wreckage

we’ll probably find

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A love letter

This time last year

it was sunny and

I was making my way home

in a short dress and

Agent Provocateur underwear.

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to B, with love

I’ll still be here

to hold you up when you’re swaying

to roll alongside you out of bars

to smoke secret cigarettes

to make you laugh

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No, thanks.

I’m drowning in

overpriced cocktails and

the hotel pillows are


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