Just what the f*ck is bipolar?

Glitter heels and fluffy slippers and entrepreneurship, apparently.

Hypomania is feeling amazing, knowing that you look awesome and are a hilarious and articulate irresistible person full of awesome ideas and enthusiastic about EVERYTHING.

The above is my description of my highs to the person with whom I’m having an affair (yep, I know; judge away…).

Depression? That’s just feeling like shit. Doesn’t need further explanation because you know the world hates you, and there’s really nothing more to say.

Still don’t get it? Me neither. Here’s more articulate people to explain things:

The brilliant Joshua Walters will make you smile AND explains some of this shizzle:


Laura Bains makes a great analogy, beginning at 09:10:


Given that all my blog followers at the moment appear to also have bipolar, I may be needlessly explaining things. But I’m curious about your thoughts – what is your favourite analogy or explanation of bipolar? Would love to hear from you. 🙂