Will I be Ruby Wax or Virginia Woolf? Stephen Fry or Robin Williams? Catherine Zeta-Jones or Amy Winehouse?

Because if I get to choose, then I choose Stephen’s intellect; Amy’s talent; Robin’s humour; and Catherine’s grace.

I choose to compliment strangers in the street; surprise hairdressers with huge tips; buy cocktails for everyone.

I choose to be platinum blonde; wear low-cut tops; stay out until sunrise.

I choose to blog at 4am on a Tuesday; have a one-night stand on a Friday; cut my hair off on a Sunday.

I choose to over spend; not sleep; call in sick.

I choose to avoid my family; miss my godson’s birthday; stop speaking to my best friend.

I choose to be alone; contemplate shards of glass; ponder train timetables.

Do I get to choose?